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"Solutions to preserve the natural beauty of your home."

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Log Home Staining Services Available for Minnesota!

Our main goal is to provide you with long lasting solutions to preserve the natural beauty of your home and deck.  We specialize in restoring and maintaining wood and log sided houses. One of the most over looked and  important aspects of owning a wood or log sided home is care and maintenance. We specialize in these services and are here to help.

Having the right tools for the job - Cob Blasting Log and Wood siding Corn Cob Blasting:

Corn cob blasting is a environment friendly method of removing existing stain, mold and mildew, and dead wood fibers from exterior wood surfaces.  This process is recognized in the log home industry as the best and most effective way to prepare log homes for refinishing. It saves you time, money and the environment, while getting the log surface ready for stain that will last many years.


Corn cob blasting is similar to sand blasting in that you use a blasting pot, in combination with highly compressed air. Cob blasting machines use the compressed air together with the ground up corn cob. The corn cob is light, and work's very effectively to strip the wood without will being too abrasive. The air pressure and the amount of media (corn cob) can be adjusted very precisely to only remove as much of the log as is necessary to remove the failing finish, bad wood, etc.


Corn cob that is used is bio-degradable, and works as a natural mulch.

Cob blasting is one of the best methods for preparing a log siding for stain, because it opens the surface grain. This will allow the wood to retain up to 50% more stain than a non-cob blasted log. This means 50% more pigment protection and U.V. protection for your logs, which gives you a much longer lasting stain!

Since cob blasting is a dry process, the log siding can then be immediately stained without waiting for the drying process, as you would have to with chemical stripping. Preferably, the logs should be treated with a Liquid borate to make sure nothing grows under the new stain, and allowed to dry out before the re-staining is done, though!

Cob Blasting a wood siding house to remove stain and paint Technician conducting log home staining services in Minnesota.

Keep the elements out of your log and wood sided home with Caulking: 

Log homes are one of the best-insulated buildings in which you could live in. But the nature of a log home's construction also presents a unique challenge: the opportunity for air to pass through the gaps between the logs.


Fortunately, air infiltration is a challenge that's easily met, thanks to caulking. With the right caulking method, or "caulk joint" as it is generally termed, a log home can achieve thermal efficiencies to rival any building. Proper substrate preparation and application are imperative for product longevity and efficiency.

What we do is fill the gaps between the logs or between logs and windows, doors, foundations, roof lines and other areas where we want to prevent air, water, bugs, and sometimes even animals from making there way into the log home or cabin.


Deck, log and wood Home Staining:

Before we think about applying stain, we make sure the wood is prepared it's best. This will allow the stain to absorb and last much longer. We then use a high quality stain that will ensure a long and beautiful life. Some of our favorite brands are Nature’s One and Sikkens.

We apply the first coat of stain with a airless sprayer and then follow it up with a good back-brushing. This will ensure an even coat and all areas are covered and looking there best.

If you are having a hard time on selecting that perfect color, we can help make recommendations. We often carry sample colors so you can see how they look in the natural lighting and surroundings.

Before stain was applied on log siding After Stain was applied

Home Painting:

We offer a painting service to help everything match your stain color. We will paint Fascia, Soffits, window and door trim if requested to make everything blend together and look it's best.

Pressure Washing:

We will use the pressure washer between maintenance coats and yearly cleaning. It is done with low pressure, not high pressure. We also clean decks and strip stain off using a high pressure wash.

Other Services:

Deck Staining

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